A message from founders, Joey and Kelly Barbera

Founders-Joey and Kelly Barbera

Hi you! Yes YOU! We are super excited you found us! Because now you’re just a step away from getting the body you want starting NOW just like all the REAL people on this site. Life is just better when you’re fit and that’s why we’ve created the most unstoppable fitness formula and environment! You will be transforming your body and mind with amazing training with No Intimidation, No waiting, No nonsense ! Its Safe, Its Personal, Its Social, Its Fun, IT WORKS! 

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Personal TrainingYour Needs, Your Goals, Your Schedule! Custom training designed for your goals, break through plateaus, accountability and motivation, nutrition coaching, guaranteed measurable results…More Information


Men’s Strength Camp – Just Guys ! Improve…strength, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and overall health…More Information


Temple FitCamp – Ladies Only! The perfect combination of resistance, strength, cardio, stretch, balance and flow! Giving the female body everything it needs to get stronger, leaner, and add flexibility! Never Boring, always a CHALLENGE!More Information


CrossTrain- CO ED and for all fitness levels. Training and preparing you for anything in life. Gain strength, endurance and burn fat! NO intimidation! The safe way to CrossTrain!…More Information


gabe marathon pic3rd Child and Im back to my pre baby jeans! I started with Temple Fitness after my third child. I was unmotivated and not getting the results I wanted on my own. What I got in return was priceless,..great training, great friends, great encouragement and motivation. The fitness training was great. It was always different , challenging and fun.  I not only began to get the results I wanted I also got great education in fitness, techniques and training. One of the things that came out of joining with temple was accomplishing one of my bucket list items..runnning a half!! I was encouraged to do this with my trainer who said, hey lets do it together!! It was a first for us both and we have become friends that I will have forever!!  Joining temple was a great thing I did for myself and I would encourage anyone to just step in the door and you will never regret it!!! ~ Gabe Mills

rachael barnettSugar Junkie Turns Fitness Competitor! I never exercised before joining Temple Fitness, over just a few short months I was getting stronger and starting to see great results! I was amazed. Joey and Kelly challenged me to do a fitness show. I thought they were crazy! Me the sugar junkie do a fitness competition! I decided to go for it. Joey coached me throughout the entire journey and I am amazed out how I transformed my body! Im now competing often and love my new healthy ( less sugar) life style. I love Temple Fitness, Joey and Kelly and the whole team. If I can do it anyone can with the help of Temple Fitness.
~ Rachael Barnett






larissa and Joey picSingle Mom gains more energy and drops size by making exercise a priority! For the first time in my life I have found an exercise program that I truly enjoy and have stuck with.  I am so much stronger, I’ve lost 2 sizes and I have so much more energy! As a single mom its hard to find time for yourself , but the energy and strength I now have has proved how important it is for me to take care of my self so I can be a great mom! I look great too. LOL  Just yesterday a colleague of mine said at lunch “You not only have lost weight but your whole body has changed”.   I thought that summed it up well.For me the right choice was Temple Fitness.  I’m glad I found them several years ago.   Exercise is now not just something extra I do sometimes or would like to do, but something that is part of my lifestyle.
~ Larisa Featherstone


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Hey Everyone, Tomorrow on the 4th of July we will be doing the Murphy. There will be a class at 9am and 10am. I Will be doing the 9am and the 10 am class will be more of an open class. Feel free to come and bring a friend. WOD- MURPHY 1 MILE RUN 100 […]

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the new me and am never going back! Over the past 4 months of training with Joey, Bryce has lost over 50 pounds and decreased his body fat by 16%. But most importantly, his confidence level has sky rocketed! He enjoys his time with Joey immensely and it really shows! We just can’t say enough about Joey and Temple Fitness, our entire family trains there and it has been such a positive impact on our family as a whole. ~ Thank you Joey!- Kendy Lindley

dad2Stroke survivor turns Fitness Competitor, 6 months post stroke! After having a stroke in January 2012 my daughter Kelly, son Anthony and son in law Joey encouraged me to clean up my diet and start exercising again. I took it one step further and committed to a body building show. At the age of 57 I weighed 213 lbs. with a body fat percentage of 27%. With the help of Joey and Kelly of Temple Fitness, and my son Anthony, I was able to reduce my weight to 167lbs and my body fat to less than 6%, in approximately 10 months. I was able to attain my goal with the support of Temple Fitness.Thank you for all your knowledge and encouragemement! ~ love Dad, Bill Collova (Kelly’s Dad)

Ann-Before-After-SideI keep having to shop for new pants! I love it! Awesome place! As a “rookie” to the whole gym concept/personal training, Kelly is a great trainer. She has encouraged me each step of the way. So far, I have lost 75 lbs! The entire staff is so friendly. This is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. ~ Ann Walker

testimonial_ashleyalexander Titans Cheerleader – When I began my journey to tryouts in 2009, Kelly was recommended to me for dance lessons. Although I was not where I needed to be technically, I really wanted to advance and Kelly proved to be an incredibly effective teacher. She helped me to grow and feel confident as a dancer with frequent choreography and instruction. During the couple of years that I was in Temple Fitness I saw how well Kelly, Joey, and their team understood body compositions and cared about their clients’ progress. Since there had been great results from my dance lessons and trusted that I could experience great results with fitness training, as well. In preparation for Tryouts I began training in February 2012. Their knowledge and genuine concern allowed me to trust them as a trainers and friends and, therefore, by following his instruction and advice I was able to reach goals through fitness and nutrition. Temple Fitness helped me become a much better dancer with a better physique and health. I was so glad to have the support and encouragement of Temple Fitness. They are family to me and helped me accomplish my dreams! ~ Ashley Alexander

Johnna-BeforeAfter-smallSalon owner, My Clients keep asking how I stay so toned! I have lost over 22 pounds and so many inches I have had to go down 2 dress sizes. I owe it all to Kelly at Temple Fitness. I have never felt better! My husband and kids just can’t believe how much energy I have! ~ Johnna Rightmyer

Kendy-and-TeresaWe started boot camp with Kelly over 2 years ago and still look forward to it each week. Kelly always keeps it fun and interesting, incorporating new material all the time! I love that we are able to cut up and have fun while we’re working up a sweat! The class is consistently challenging, but never boring or tedious, which is why I’ve been able to stick with it this long. And we plan on being there for a long time to come! ~ Teresa Hartsaw & Kendy Lindley

Testimonial-Anne Marie PrestonWorking with Temple fitness gave me a whole new outlook on fitness. I was trained like an athlete instead of with the mind set of losing weight to fit into clothes. My passion for my health and overall well-being has been transformed as well as my physique! I am forever changed for the better. Thank you Temple Fitness. ~ Anne Marie Peterson, “Titan Cheerleader”Kelly Barbera center, Prego with number 3! Ashley Alexander on Left and Anne Marie Peterson on Right

testimonial_timrushlowAs a recording artist who is doing a new project, it is so important to me that the image match the music. I came to Temple Fitness and started working with Joey to meet my goals. Twenty five pounds later, I am ready to go after it and I feel great. As you get older your metabolism changes, so your lifestyle has to make those changes to combat that or you will lose the battle fast. Joey and Temple Fitness get results because they understand that. I am thrilled to be a new me. ~ Tim Rushlow

ron johnston66 and no prescription meds, thanks to Temple Fitness, says Dr Anderson! I am 66 years old and have been working out with Joey and other trainers at Temple for the last eighteen months. Since I am a pilot, I did not want to start taking prescription drugs to control borderline type II diabetes. The solution was to start and stay with Temple Fitness. My AC1 was reduced from a high of 6.9 down to a 6.2. My waist has been reduced from a 42 down to a 38. My physician, Dr. John Anderson, at the Frist Center told me that I am his only patient over 60 that does not take any prescription drugs. It is all because of the guidance on exercise, diet and the training help I have received at Temple Fitness. I have stayed with it because of the motivation and quality experience provided by their professional trainers. I have had a great experience with Temple Fitness and had much rather spend my time and money seeking PR’s (personal records) rather than fearing trips to the ER and buying prescription drugs. Temple Fitness has been life changing for myself and my whole family. My wife, daughter, son and grand children all train at Temple! It really is a family! ~ Ron Johnston

david lindley70 Years Young , Recently competed in USA Powerlifting Competition, thanks to Coach Joey! I started training with Joey at Temple Fitness just to be active! I had no idea I would start power lifting and competing, thanks to Joey. Ive now won 3 powerlifting competitions and recently represented the USA in the Worlds. My whole family trains at Temple, My wife, daughter in law and grandson! I couldn’t ask for a better coach! I am a lifer at Temple Fitness. ~ David Lindley